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  1. GxBit_

    1 person hacking everyday

    Would like to help you, But my role / server rank does not allow me to ban users, the only thing I can do is put this report in the hands of a staff immediately. In addition to that a server (probably this one) does not have the total database of Dark Night Gaming (I do not have the privilege of...
  2. GxBit_

    2 people hacking on current server

    Hi, I'm sorry to hear that you're having problems with some users because of hacking. Can we have proofs?, I mean, A demo or a screenshot to know that what you say is real. Please use this template: Thank you.
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  4. GxBit_

    Approved GxBit_ Admin Application

    How old are you? Im 15 year's old. What is your Steam ID? My currently Steam ID is STEAM_0:1:149478076 Where are you from? Mexico, Veracruz. What is your timezone? GMT -1:00 How long have you played on our servers? I have been and supported dng since was made. Which of our other admins...
  5. GxBit_

    Declined Zenon's Application

    Pro: - Have experience with SourceMod plugins & command's. - From - Have experiences with administrating server's. Cons: Not real GMT/SMT: Should go like this: GMT: -1:00 You didn't Joined Dark Night Gaming Official Group SteamID is incorrect, Your steam ID is: STEAM_0:0:189281212...
  6. GxBit_

    I got ban for no reason

    Sorry, there are no currently block's in your Steam ID. Can you send me a screenshot of you'r problem?
  7. GxBit_

    I got ban for no reason

    Sure, Can i have your Steam ID?
  8. GxBit_

    Sure! Here it is: Steam Group: Discord Link...

    Sure! Here it is: Steam Group: Discord Link:
  9. GxBit_

    We are officialy buds? hehehe

    We are officialy buds? hehehe