Approved GxBit_ Admin Application


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Staff member
  • How old are you?
  • Im 15 year's old.
  • What is your Steam ID?
  • My currently Steam ID is STEAM_0:1:149478076
  • Where are you from?
  • Mexico, Veracruz.
  • What is your timezone?
  • GMT -1:00
  • How long have you played on our servers?
  • I have been and supported dng since was made.
  • Which of our other admins do you consider yourself to be close to?
  • Cauge, Clod, TheFirePyroShic.
  • Do you have any experience with being an admin?
  • Currently im Admin on 2 server's: Paradise Gaming & Orange4Fun, I have a lot of Administration experience, And i take it seriously since i got fired from by being abbusive, Now I come prepared mentally and professionally.
  • Do you have any experience with SourceMod?
  • I currently have a lot of experience with SourceMod.
    I have been using this System always, I have studied the programming language that it has and I have the ability to know if a plugin has a coherent answer
    In all the years of administration I have always taken SourceMod seriously, since it is essential to be able to administer a server, execute commands changing the behavior of the server.
    I know also the prefixes they carry.
    <User> - Marks a client of the server when executing a command.
    <@red / @blue> - Mark the network or blue team (depending on the one chosen) when executing a command.
    <@all> - Mark all users who are on the server (Note: Those who have a higher rank can not be affected by this).
  • At what times during the day are you available?
  • Friday saturday and sunday.
    Since at this moment I am studying for my final exams.

    But when I leave my institution(holidays) I can devote all my time to Dark Night Gaming.
  • Why did you decide to make an application?
  • I decided to make this application due to the lack of staff, in addition to always noticing that there are people who break rules or who use tertiary programs (commonly called hacks), I think about becoming a moderator to give a better experience to dark night gaming and not begin to lower the players because of those who break rules.
    Since it's annoying that you're playing quietly
    And a hacker appears, You want to deal with him so that he leaves you and others in peace so they can continue to play competitively.
    I decided to make the application to kill people who have fun ending the fun of others.
  • Why should we choose you?
  • I think it should be admin due to the lack of staff there, besides that I already have total maturity and I already have professionalism as administrator, I totally handle the source mod and when there is a new plugin being added to the server, I always notice in which is its function and I review its prefixes.
We also need to know how you'd deal with certain situations.

Answer the following scenarios

  • You notice someone spamming the mic with delightful music, the players on the server seem to like it, what do you do?
  • Make a vote about if you prefer to listen to the music.
    If a user chooses not to, the user will be automatically instructed not to play music, since a user or more seems annoying.
  • Someone is accusing another person for scamming them, what do you do?
  • Ask the user if you have proof, since he can take screenshot of the chat he has had with the user reported and the offer accepted.

    If enough proofs are shown, the user will be invited to return the objects.
    If the user does not return them, they would automatically have to ban it permentente and report it so that the other servers that have a "Scammer banner plugin" will permanently ban it until they are forced to return the object.
  • You see someone insulting another person for simply being white, what do you do?
  • Warn him that racism is not tolerated on the server.
    If the user continues to insult the other user. Would have a 0 minute expulsion from the server (kick)
    After that, if he continues with the insults. He is given a gagban because of the degree of insults he makes.
  • A person is making nazi and Hitler jokes on the server, what do you do?
  • Let him know that there are people who can take that offense very seriously.
    If you continue in this way, a penalty will be taken in the chat (gag).
  • You see someone cheating/hacking on the server, how do you deal with the situation in the best way?
  • Warn you that you are not allowed to use hacks on the server.
    If this continues to take a permanent lock on the server.
  • Someone is accusing you of abusing your powers, what do you do?
  • Invite him to report me in the forum or discord server only if he has coherent proofs.
  • Someone asks you to use the fun admin commands on them, like resizing them, will you do it and why/why not?
  • No, since that would be abusing commands and I can get reported on the server.