IMPORTANT Jailbreak Rules

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Jailbreak Rules
General Jailbreak Rules:
  1. No ghosting or talking while dead under any circumstances.
  2. No camping Armory, Medic, or Vents.
  3. Do not exploit the map.
  4. First day is always freeday.
  5. The last person to survive the round who is not rebelling always gets a last request unless it is warday, freeday or the Horseless Headless Horseman last request.

Blue Rules list:
  1. To be on Blu team you need a mic.
  2. Ratio must be 1:2 (Blu:Red) at all times.
  3. No free killing is tolerated.
  4. Do not kill without the warden’s permission. If the person is disobeying orders, you must ask the warden to have permission to kill them. Remember, the warden can always say “just give them a warning shot” instead of killing a prisoner on the spot. However, if a Red is obviously rebelling (trying to kill you or trying to escape), you may kill them.
  5. There is a last Blu kill all rule. If you are the last Blu alive, you may kill the red team.
  6. Do not kill during a repeat.
  7. Guards cannot give orders.
  8. You must be doing your guard duty (follow warden’s orders, watch for rebellers and maintain he rest of the Red team).You CANNOT sit in armoury or other closed spaces in anticipation of a rebeller.
  9. Do not cloak as a Spy on Blu.
  10. If Reds have ammo, you may kill them.
  11. Do not kill Reds for claiming they are a rebeller in chat. If they have not actually rebelled, they are not a rebeller.
  12. As Blue, you cannot bait. Baiting is defined as a Blu going into a Red’s melee range. going inside one’s cell is not considered baiting, unless the Blu is in the Red’s melee range.
  13. Do not press buttons without the warden’s permission. Doing so will possibly get you slayed. If you cause a Red to die from hitting a button without permission, it will be considered a freekill.
  14. Hitting the soccer ball on blue is also against our rules, and it follows the same procedure as hitting buttons w/o permission.
  15. Only the warden may open the cells unless otherwise designated by the warden.
  16. No favoritism is allowed.
  17. Once a last request is given, you must follow the last request. Denial of last request will result in a ban. Do not kill a Red on their last request unless it has been completed/chosen,or the Red designates you to do so.
  18. Do not fire at a group of prisoners in order to kill one rebeller. Please take note of the rebeller and wait to kill them until they are separated from the main group.
  19. Firing into an active game is allowed if and only if you have a clear shot with 0 chance of hitting another Red. The Red must be a rebeller for you to have the incentive to kill them. If you kill another Red it will be considered a freekill.
  20. As Blu, you must be willing to take warden if need be.
  21. You may not assist the Red team to gain ammo or rebel.
  22. No teamkilling is allowed.

Warden Rules list:
  1. You may pardon rebellers.
  2. The Warden may not lie.
  3. Warden must give specific orders every round. If asked, you must explain the game you are playing. In mini-games(games not in the map), such as “first reaction last reaction”, you must ask if the Reds know how to play before you play the game, and explain if necessary.
  4. You cannot give impossible orders.
  5. You can order a Blu to kill themselves. Also, as warden you can order a Red to kill a Blu.
  6. You cannot give consecutive freedays for all to avoid giving orders as warden.
  7. While there is age restriction on warden 14+ you must be mature enough to handle being warden.
  8. If an admin/police or other current players think otherwise, you are subject to being fired.
  9. Warden must give specific orders every round.

Red Rules list:
  1. Don’t rebel on your own Personal Freeday. Rebellion on freeday for all is acceptable, however.
  2. Leaving your cells before they are opened is considered rebelling.
  3. Entering armoury is considered rebelling.
  4. Attempting to tauntkill (by directly aiming at a Blu) is considered rebelling.
  5. If rebelling, no hiding. You must be actively rebelling. Otherwise, you are delaying the round.
  6. If the warden dies, there is a 15 second period in which you have to follow the previous warden’s orders.
  7. After 15 seconds without a new warden, it will be considered a freeday. I.E. if the order was to “Afk freeze upon the yellow line” and then the warden dies, you would have to remain afk frozen until the 15 second period is up without a new warden being chosen. If a new Warden takes over, he may not give orders.
  8. Reds may lie. You are prisoners, act like them. However, take it too far and you may get killed.
  9. You are known as Reds or prisoners. However, if the warden renames you, then you must follow the orders they have given with the rename. I.e. “All Reds are known as purples” you are now known as purples and should follow orders when you are designated as purples. If you are being ordered to go to a game with two doors labeled "Red" and "Blu", it is implied that you should be entering the Red door. If you attempt to go through the Blu door, you are considered rebelling.
Other Rules:
  1. When the cell doors open without orders being given, it does become a freeday.
  2. If the a warden starts giving orders, Red team must follow them. Yet, if there are no orders for 25 seconds, it is considered a freeday.
  3. Do not talk over the warden while orders are being given.
  4. Door glitching is not considered inside a game.
  5. If the Warden gives an order involving "the yellow/red line" it is not implied to be the line in front of the cells unless stated otherwise.
  6. A "no detours, no delays" order is not implied every round. The warden must say that
  7. "There is no detours or no delays."It is NOT considered delaying if a Red pauses briefly to type. Killing a Red for pausing for a short amount of time to type is considered freekilling. (short = 5-15 seconds.)
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