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Hi, Let me introduce myself into the forum.
My name is Joe
I love....:
Mlg Text's, Example: H0W AR3 U M8?! Or, G3T R3KT3D SKR4B
Pizza: Peperoni :o
Games: Horror, Multiplayer, Action, First Shoter
Some fact's about me:
You know, you become a man when you leave your frog stuffed ...
I have a stuffed frog ... called "Mr.Froggy".
This October ... is my birthday ... But surely you will not care.
I do not like classical music.
I hardly have time to play for my studies.
Almost all the Staff's are my best friends, Comment: "Cry Omega" If you know who is xd
I'm too introverted.
Well, this is some things you did not know about me, And you do not even care, just wait a minute and say "Ewww, who the hell is that guy?"
PS: Do you know anything? Not long ago I made an application to become an administrator, and within a few minutes that was reviewed and the decision was made, another forum had to be created ...
I think I've made many decisions based on that judgment.
My Froggie c:
Mr Froggy.jpg
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